Nordic Centre of Excellence SVALI

SVALI is a part of the Top-level Research Initiative (TRI), which is a major Nordic collaborative venture for studies of climate, energy and the environment. The NCoE SVALI is together with NCoE DEFROST and NCoE CRAICC within the TRI sub-programme “Interaction between Climate Change and the Cryosphere” (ICCC), which aims to improve our understanding of stability, variations and dynamics of the cryosphere.

The NCoE SVALI takes on the task to answer these key questions:  

  • How fast is land ice volume in the Arctic and North-Atlantic area changing, and why?
  • Will these processes continue to accelerate?
  • What are the consequences for sea-level and ocean circulation
  • What are the implications for society?

The work is carried out under three interrelated themes:

Link to the internal project web for partners can be found here: Project web

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